An Easy Guide to Dressing According to Your Body Shape

As you were minding your own business drinking coffee on a fine afternoon weather, you happened to chance upon a beautiful dress in one of the shops down the strip. You probably thought you can rock that outfit for this week’s annual dinner party in your office. So you walk in, tried the outfit. You walked out devastated because it’s not the dress you’ve thought it would look on you.

Dressing For Your Body Shape

There are some garments that look good on your but don’t look good in others. If you know your body structure, mapping out clothes that look good on you would be easier.

Apple body shapes are usually characterized with a heavier upper torso than the lower part. You probably have a bigger bust line and shoulders with weights gathering around belly and waist. A-line skirts and empire cuts will suit you best to cover your ample weights from the waist below. It might be best to steer away from skinny jeans and body-fitting dresses to avoid drawing attention to your midriff.

Hour-glass body shapes are the easiest to dress since they have a balance on the upper torso and lower body.  Tight-fitting dresses and skinny jeans may work well for this type. Pairing these with a loose bottom or top may just de-emphasize your figure.

For pear-shaped figures, you have a bigger lower part of your body. Think Kim Kardashian among others. If styled correctly, you can achieve an illusion of an hour-glass figure. You can wear wide-legged pants, A-line skirts paired with a ruffled top to draw attention to your upper body torso.

Rectangle body shapes don’t have much definition since it is balanced. In this case, you may have longer legs and arms. You can choose A-line skirts paired with a long jacket on top or a plus size bodysuit that will help to add drama to your upper torso and elongate your lower body.

Inverted triangles are those with a more athletic body type. They usually have bigger shoulders and lower body portions. You’d like to emphasize your legs with a pair of skinny jeans. You can choose V-necks or body fitting tops and avoid layering since this will overwhelm your upper torso more.

Shopping Hacks For Plus-Size Women

Now that you already have the knowledge about your body shape, it’s time to get the tape measure out. If you’re shopping in a nearby strip, this won’t be a problem since you can readily fit clothes there. For those who are opting to shop online, this is a good place to start. Ask your local tailor to take the measurements for you if you’re not sure how to do it yourself.

You’d want to get the appropriate size when you’re shopping for clothes online. Check out the sizing chart and don’t judge the size according to the retailer’s size guide.

Look into brands that you trust. You probably have a slew of brands that you’ve advocated in the past. This may help you cut down time looking and researching for new ones. If you decide to look into other brands, you can check on reviews or what others are saying about their clothes for reference.