Different types of headwear for the bold ladies

Headwear is still in style and it is still very much loved by women who want to create a fashion statement by themselves. By choosing the correct style that you think will complement your face and the clothing that you are wearing, you will be able to control the nature of your appearance and even add more height if you want to. Here are some of the most popular choices of headwear that fall in the cap variety.

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This type of headwear draws heavily from the French which is why is gives off a very hosh posh air and a very sophisticated vibe to the wearer. The beret has to be worn slightly crooked and comes in many different colours out of which the classic white is a famous choice even among celebrities and fashion designers. You can easily pair these along with a skirt, blouse and cardigan combo or something like a woolen winter dress with full sleeves and a turtle neck.


The biggest difference between this and a boater is the fact that a chupalla has a much wider brim. The head wear is courtesy of Chile and looks positively chic and classy. Even though chupallas are not really heard of in this context, the majority of today’s head wear such as spring racing hats and straw ones take from the structure and shape of this one. The difference is that chupallas are not made of straw. These look really great worn with dresses that are short or long and very feminine. It can be of a print or plain coloured, the headwear can really add a lot in this case.


These fun and casual headwear is definitely boho, chic, easy and earthy along with a vibe of natural ease that will make it look really pleasant. They were initially designed to keep the sun away from the hardworking cowboys as they toiled in their ranches and farms and today, even women don them in style.  They go well paired with denims, boots and shirtsor the typical cowgirl attire. They will also look really classy with dresses of a floral print or plain solid colours worn with knee high or ankle boots.

Porkie Pie

These are very similar to the infamous fedoras with the exception that these are way more prim and proper and that they also carry embellishments like feathers and brooches. They look very chic and stylish and go really well when paired with denim clothing if the headwear itself is black. Even if the headwear colour is different they go well with dresses that are knee length and casual and pants and t-shirt combinations.