Mistakes to Avoid When Planning For a Wedding

Many things can go wrong on your perfect day. Here are some ways to make sure that you keep those numbers to a minimum.

Booking Your Venue without a Guest List

This is one of the biggest and possibly the first mistakes you might commit when you are planning a wedding. Unless it is going to be in your home, your parents’ home or even someplace you are already familiar with and know of its capacity, you should go ahead and create a guest list. Most places during the wedding months tend to fill up pretty fast. Go ahead and create a guest list or even have a ballpark of an idea about the number of guests you are going to have in your wedding party. Know that every venue is not able to hold all your guests. You should not have your guests cramped in a small area or have empty space around the venue either.

Take Care of Your Wedding Dress

This has to happen the most impeccable manner. Around 200 people will be staring at you and your perfect dress at the wedding party as well. Most of the brides tend to get distracted by the styles, the looks and how the dress looks on them and buy the dress. This might not be the ideal colour for your wedding party. If you have a specific theme picked out for the wedding, you should just stick to that. Plus if you are having a traditional wedding theme, you cannot absolutely try out a beach wedding dress either. Brush up on your wedding fashion before any shopping sprees. You will have a proper idea what to hunt for and what to do when you are looking for a wedding dress on your dress shopping.

Do Not Rush Back To Your Bridal Party

You cannot rush back to pick up your bridal party. This can be quite stressful and even more menacing to squeeze into the busy wedding day schedule. Do remember that it is your wedding day and you do not owe anyone any obligation. Not every one of your friends has to be in the wedding party either. The most significant thing to remember is picking up the people whom you want to be standing up with on your wedding day. Plus picking everyone can be quite expensive as well. Whether it means you want two or even eight people with you on the wedding day, make sure you pick your choices well.

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Stick to the Plus One Policy

This is the time to be a bit selfish; especially if you are planning to hold the wedding at a bit of a cramped up space. Make sure your wedding venue has enough space to accommodate whoever your guest wants to bring and you can even call up the guests personally to make sure that they are not bringing anyone else with them. True that you have to make some cuts and omissions in the wedding guest list. However, it will be worth than crowding your guests into a small space.