Must-Have Items in Every Boho-Chic Collection

If you are someone who is into bohemian style, there are some items that you simply must have in your wardrobe. Take a look at the items below to see what you should select the next time you go shopping.

Maxi Skirts/ Dresses

A maxi skirt is something you can wear with many tops and use to create many new outfits. A bold coloured skirt with no prints is something you can wear with any blouse. Even the intricate prints on printed skirts will give you more options to choose a top. Maxi dresses are something you can wear for many purposes. A simple search online will bring up many sites where you can order bohemian dresses online. A nature themed or a geometric printed one, you can wear for an evening party, day out with friends or even to a date.


One of the most popular footwear for this kind of style is ankle boots. You can wear them with short skirts or even skinny jeans. When selecting, it is better to select those with square heels because then you can wear them for any simple occasion without much trouble in walking or looking overdressed. However, if you are looking for footwear for long skirts or dresses the ideal item would be gladiator sandals.

Head-Bands and Hats

Head-wraps, headbands or even hats are something you simply cannot forget if you choose this style. Thin elastic headbands that you can wear across your forehead, hairbands and turbans will go with anything from gowns to skinny jeans. If you want to add a little bit of extra fashion to your outfit, especially if you are wearing a long skirt or a frock, wearing a simple straw hat is a good choice. If you want to match one with jeans, go for a felt hat.

T-shirts and Blouses

The best kind of tops that match Boho-chic look is tunic blouses or t-shirts. Embroidered tops or geometric printed vintage looking tops are something you can wear with a pair of leggings or jeans. The same tops can be worn with miniskirts but you might have to tuck it at the waist. To complete the look, you can add a lace/knit cardigan over your outfit but if you are not a fan of cardigans you can always exclude it from your outfit.


The best kind of jewellery that goes with all of the above clothing items and outfits are chunky colourful jewellery. Unique earthy looking jewellery is something you can find even at the flea market or incense stores. If you are a DIY fan you can create your own jewellery the way you like it. All you have to do is find some material such as wood, coral, beads or feathers. Dangly earrings, chunky metal bangles or tassel necklaces are some items you can choose to wear.

When you are on a shopping spree and can’t decide what to choose to remember the items given in this list and look for ones you don’t have already. This way you can easily complete your collection of bohemian fashion items.