Ways to Cut Costs on Your Wedding Flower Budget

Flowers can sometimes be the most complex aspect of planning out your wedding.  If neither the bride nor groom is particular about what blooms to order it can take quite a bit of time to settle on an arrangement and a budget. For brides who have begun their budgeting and planning of their big day, the costs surrounding flowers can come as a huge shock. In certain instances while the flowers itself would not be costly, the labour involved in putting together complex arrangements or a staged backdrop similar to what you would see on a magazine would increase your cost considerably. Use the following tips to learn ways to not only bring about the look you want for your wedding but at a lower cost as well.

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Choose Flowers That Don’t Need Wiring

In order for arrangements to be put together flowers will need to be individually hand-wired, this is something many a wedding florist will assume that you understand. When looking to cut down your costs, the first option would be to discuss options to select flowers that won’t require so much of wiring and complex or intricate work in your bouquet or centre pieces. For instance orchids come with a two inch stem per bloom. Hence to incorporate those into a bouquet the florist would need to first put them into a tube and then fix them on to an artificial stem to make them look seamless. As such it would be cost-effective to choose flowers such as roses, calla lilies and such that have enough stem lengths and can drastically reduce your cost.

Keep Things Simple and Elegant

You don’t really need a complex arrangement to bring a chic look to your table centres. Look to keeping things elegant and simple and nothing over the top. Another bonus with selecting a beautiful location for your wedding is that you need not spend unnecessarily on floral table arrangements to enhance the mood. Often times without considering the need for guests to be able to communicate, table centres end up in tatters with guests taking them apart in order to be able to see the person on the other side of the table. A few flowers on the table are all you need to give it a bit of pop and colour. Consider lighting the table with different height candles or lanterns. These could be much less expensive than flowers and will add to fullness of the table with just the right touch of class.

Consider Having Flowers on the Table Instead Of Centrepieces

Here’s another option to consider -have small arrangements of flowers at the table without the flowers itself being used as a centre piece. For instance consider a rustic touch of neatly tying a small orchid blossom to each napkin or if it’s an outdoor wedding why not consider some foliage and a few flowers stuffed into a hurricane vase.

Choose Flowers That Thrive In Your Climate or Reception Location

Some flowers tend to bloom best in the evening, while others may fair better in the morning. Consult your florist on which blooms would survive the best and look the freshest. If you were to select a bloom that is not from the tropical climate that your wedding is set to place in then the hard work that has gone in could be in vain. Flowers could look dull and drab if the conditions in which they are arranged are not taken into consideration. For instance should you choose tulips or hydrangea – types of flowers that are sensitive to heat , they may seem a bit off by evening and may not hold up at your reception.

Aside from the pointers above, also consider that your wedding ceremony itself would not last more than thirty minutes. Factor this into consideration when spending, as expenses towards something such as photography for the wedding which would last a lifetime as a pose to flowers that last for an evening. Flowers are a cost that offers wedding budgets some flexibility, so make the maximum use of the opportunity it offers.